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Family Owned And Operated, Est. 1935

A merican Alloy Foundry is one of Baltimore's oldest working foundries. Established in 1935 by brothers Harry H. Gunther and Charles H. Gunther, they learned the trade from their father, who was the foreman at Old Central Foundry in Dundalk, MD. They were forced to relocate from Colvin Street in 1942 due to the increase in business during World War II and the need for more manufacturing space. The foundry relocated to the present building on South Eden Street, situated between Fells Point and the Inner Harbor. The foundry was eventually passed down to Harry's son-in-law, Hugh A. Eagan, who ran the foundry for over 50 years. His son, Bob Eagan, has been working in the foundry for the last 35 years, and has been running it for the past six. American Alloy Foundry has been family owned and operated for four generations.

Offering work in brass, bronze, and aluminum castings, our foundry is well diversified. We can sand-cast anything from commercial and industrial machine parts, to automobile parts and antique replications. American Alloy Foundry has completed work for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and American History buildings, as well as contributing heavily to reconstruction efforts to the historical USS Constellation ship. One of our recent contributions was the production of four bronze bell clappers, donated as part of The Bells of Remembrance Project--four refurbished bells resurrected in New York City that ring in remembrance of the victims of September 11th.

All products of our foundry are proudly made in America.

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