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Examples of Our Work

The products below demonstrate several of the projects we've completed and showcase the accuracy and quality our foundry is capable of. Click on the images below to see a full-size picture.


These bronze dolphin figures reside at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD. Artist Leonard Strekfuss created these pieces for the William Donald Schaffer memorial fountain using scrap metal and recycled material. American Alloy Foundry replicated the original artwork in bronze; a more suitable material to be kept outdoors in water. The statues are on display year round at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

This fountain was cast from an original in New Orleans, replicated for a private garden. Let American Alloy Foundry produce replications of sculptures, statues, and more for your garden or interior design.

The plaque at the center of this gate was created by American Alloy Foundry, piecing together its wrought iron surroundings. The plaque and the gate can be found on display at their residence at St. Paul's School, a prominent private school in Baltimore.

The orangutan figure pictured here was created for Disney's 'Tree of Life' exhibit, at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The Tree of Life showcases hundreds of animal carvings and statues on its great trunk and within the surrounding gardens.

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